Sunday, July 25, 2010

Designer Vintage Sale - 28 July 2010

There are so many sales going on this week and the coming week. I am really struggling to keep up with them! The YDE sale is definitely on coming Sunday (haha even my brother has decided to come along to this exciting rampage!)

But this sale I think it really worth it!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fly your flag for SA by donating it to charity

Not sure what to do with your flags now that World Cup is running to an end? Nashua Mobile has the perfect solution: give them to charity.

South Africans can donate their flags to charity by simply popping in at any Nashua Mobile store and dropping it in the dedicated bins in each store. These flags will be given to regional charities to be repurposed and sown into useful items such as duvet covers, pillow cases and curtains. The initiative forms part of the Nashua Mobile’s "Fly the Flag for South Africa" campaign, which saw Nashua Mobile and many local celebrities rally behind South Africa and the national team.

Says Doug Mattheus, marketing director at Nashua Mobile: "The past couple of weeks has been an exciting time for our country and therefore should be remembered long after it has ended and thus we thought of the ‘donate a flag’ initiative. We believe very strongly in the importance of giving something back to the communities where we do business. This particular project will benefit disadvantaged people throughout South Africa, in line with our commitment to play a role in uplifting communities and people in need of help."

Donate your South African Flag at any Nashua Mobile retail outlet by placing it in the dedicated and marked bin from the week of 12 July.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facebook Movie - "The Social Network" (Are You Serious?!)

No seriously, there is a movie coming out called "The Social Network" about Facebook. The website and poster have been released and even IMDB have info about them. And they are coming onto the big screen in October!

Mark Zuckerberg is being played by Jesse Eisenberg, and Sean Parker (co-founded Napster, Plaxo and went on to be President of Facebook back in 2004) is being played by Justin Timberlake (Wahahaha!).

So...are you going to go watch it?

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All Need to Know about Vuvuzela [Infographic]

It is almost the end of World Cup 2010! I am going to miss the vibe, the foreigners, the madness and the vuvuzela. (?)

As a proudly South African, you need to know at least some fact about the vuvuzela. Infographic for some really interesting fact and it is actually good to know some of them!

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Ten Creative Packaging Ideas

I love some of the posts from Yanko Design, really innovative ideas and designs that you make you awe. One post: Ten Creative Packaging Concepts, shows some really crazy stuff! My favourites are the: radio, milk carton and the instant noodles box. What do you think?

10) 2008 Safe Sex Awareness Campaign – New York City Condoms by Fuse Project
Ten Creative Packaging Concepts
Talking about sex is still a closed-door matter for some sections of the society. It is the dark ages for many! The open and friendly dispenser, plus street smart packaging of the condom itself, makes this 2008 safer sex awareness campaign quite effective.
9) Google Envelopes by Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Moik
Google Envelopes that can be sent through G-Mail itself. What better way to send your mail than in Google!
8 ) Flexio Solar Radio by Wu Kun-chia, Wang Shih-ju, Chen Ming-daw & Liou Chang-ho
The Flexio Radio packaging accomplishes many things at one go. You almost forgive the radio for playing only one station, and accept the city-centric approach it has. It’s touted as the ideal souvenir.
7) Expiry Date Milk Carton Packaging by Ko Yang
Most of us don’t keep a track of the expiry date on milk cartons, this innovative packaging keeps a track of the freshness and represents it graphically on the pack.
6) DogPot Poop Scooper by Young-Long Choi
If its dog poop that you must scoop, then it needs to be done in a stylish way! It needs to be packed and disposed via this clever DogPot.
5) Eco Coke Bottle Design by Andrew Seunghyun Kim
The beverage bottle has always been round, never square. Andrew takes a futuristic leap with a radical change in design that promises to be eco friendly, stackable and shelf-smart.
4) Hanger Tea by Soon Mo Kang
Teabags are meant to be dipped, and the Hanger Tea just gives a whole new meaning to the motion. Cute as a button, most of you simply loved this packing.
3) Universal Packaging System or UPACKS by Patrick Sung
Those who send parcels on a regular basis will really understand how important it is to securely pack the contents. Forget about pilferage, the packing material needs to be tough enough and the right size to endure the journey. UPACKS provides a suitable solution, now only if we can get it at the post office.
2) CookSoo Instant Noodles Packing by Junggeun Ahn, Jeongmi Lee, Hyunseok Moon & Donghee Suh
Cup noodles can’t get savvier than this! A collapsible, disposable and tight box that cooks and serves your perfect portion.
1) Yogurt Spoon Package Design by Cho Hye-seung
I really adore this design for its convenience and effective use of materials. You were as it is going to discard the cup cover, so you may as well fashion it as a spoon and use it to dig into the yummy treat. No extra spoons required!

Source: Yanko Design

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Jasmines 25th Birthday Party [From Spice4life]

What an awesome day with the children! And thanks to all my friends and Reach for a Dream to make my birthday a memorable one! The article was published on Spice4life online magazine. But here is the rest of the article :)

It’s Jasmine’s birthday on 29th June, she will be 25 years old and chose to celebrate her special day by inviting 20 RFAD kids to a fun party at the Western Cape Chinese Community Centre.

We met with Jasmine to run over her ideas for the party and I was super impressed, I couldn’t wait for the day. Jasmine rounded up some friends and between herself and them, they organised EVERYTHING – well done!

I arrived with 10 kids in our new quantum and the other 10 kids got there just before us and were already have a pony ride. The kids I transported quickly got into the queue for their turn. There was a little field that the pony trainer walked the kids around on, they just loved it, each posing for a photo as they went around the track.

In the meantime, behind the scenes, Jasmine and friends were putting the finishing touches on all the activities inside the hall.

The kids were further entertained outside and then we lined up the boys one side, girls the other while we handed out name badges. The kids were trying to peak inside but the tall adults blocked their view, they even tried the “I need the toilet” excuse just to get inside J

The moment had arrived, the party was ready for kick-off…

Jasmine and friends all stood in the middle of the decorated hall and welcomed their 20 little guests to a fantasy world of fun.
The side walls, under the basket ball nets were decorated with movie posters galore and streamers. To the left were 2 long tables with caps on them and loads of fun arty things to decorate them with. There was also a table filled with great snacks, chips, sweets, cupcakes, juice and loads more.

To the right of the hall, there was a table filled with props like swords, toy guns, masks, hats, cowboy gear and next to that was a clothing rack packed with various outfits. With these outfits the kids could transform into a princess, cowboy, policeman, hip-hop dancer and more. Next to that table was a variety of make-up, nail polish, glitter, lipsticks, lip-gloss and pretty little jewellery.

On the stage infront, all the sound equipment was set up for an awesome surprise later!

One of Jasmine’s friends started the kids off with some fun ice-breakers and he had them all laughing in seconds. Then the kids were taken to the cap decorating tables. Each received a black peak-cap with a white front-panel – which they could decorate as they pleased. To aid them in this task, they were given stencils, paint, glitter, colourful sequences, badges to pin on and lots of help from the friends.

Whilst the caps dried, the kids could choose their outfits, what they wanted to dress up in. This was so great to watch, just to see their faces when they realize they could transform into character just by putting on an outfit and some props to go with it. Some kids changed their minds and swapped outfits, but soon each was settled into character. In full gear, they were taken to the “make-up” table and primed and prepped for the professional photo shoot.

The boys didn’t add make-up instead they went straight to the throne and posed in character. The photographer was good with them, giving them direction so as to get the best poses out of them. Not only did they have fun with it, I could see he was loving it.

Then the girls, one by one were ready for their photos, oh such divas. In full make-up, nail-polish, jewellery and handbags, they knew how to pose to show their outfits off best, you go girls!

After the photo shoot the kids had some free playtime which they loved because they were showing off their outfits and accessories to each other, it was very cute to see.

The ice-breaker “dude” played some more games with the kids, which again had them in stitches, even I was laughing so much I almost couldn’t help them with the games. We also played musical chairs, twice and the first winner, Wendy almost won in the second round again, it was very close, but Shana beat her by a teeny-tiny milli-second.

Then it was time for Spur Burgers and snacks, the kids kept piling their plates up with more chips and cup-cakes. They were so full afterwards, Jasmine planned it perfectly because then they were entertained by the band. Wow, what a talented bunch, we got to see a rapper do his thing and the band even wrote a song just for Reach For A Dream and then performed it. It was awesome!

The kids love music and even more so dancing, so when the band invited them onto the stage to perform, there was no asking twice. They showed us their stuff, yahoo they were hip and happening!

To get the full tummies to settle further, they had two martial artists perform a routine for the kids. They were so quiet while watching, I think they were in awe of what they saw. Then 2 of them were asked to join in the stretch and warm-up demonstration. They were following the instructor very intensely, copying her every move and then giggling every now and then.

Oh yes I almost forgot, it was Muneeb’s birthday on Saturday so him and Jasmine went on stage and we all sang Happy Birthday to the two of them. Wow what a great treat for this young man on his special day. I quickly called him over and asked him to give Jasmine a gift from RFAD. She was so shy about it, sweet J

Now what is a birthday party without CAKE – Jasmine brought out a fun decorated chocolate and cream cake. It had Winnie the Pooh stickers on it and Reach For A Dream written big and bold on it. She cut the cake, there was plenty for all, some kids had seconds, yummy!

The day was unfortunately was nearing the end but not without one more very important thing, which is a must at every birthday party, GIFTS!!! Again the boys and girls lined up each in their own queue whilst Jasmine and a friend handed out the gifts to the kids. I had a sneak-peak inside and wow they were each spoilt with a watch (Hannah Montana or Ben 10) and some very cute additions to that.

All the kids shouted a loud THANK YOU to Jasmine and her friends and then they all walked us to the buses and said good-bye.

One of the friends was dressed in a Batman outfit for the day and she stood on a short pole when we drove past with her cape flapping in the wind, it actually looked like she was going to fly whilst waiving good-bye.

Thank You

For sharing your birthday celebration with RFAD kids, that certainly makes you one special lady! Thanks a million and I hope the day enriched your heart even more than it already is.

Jasmine’s Friends
To give your time to your friend the way you did makes you a special friend and shows me that Jasmine means a lot to you!

Every kid loves cake on their birthday, but a Spur Meal, now there’s the cherry on the cake….

St Josephs
For allowing the kids to join us for the day and transporting them. And to the carers, I know you had fun, but it was still you giving of your time, thank you so much!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Do FIFA Referees Lack? Third Eye (Forward it to Sepp Blatter!)

Dear Sepp Blatter: hope you are reading this! It only takes a stinky fish to dirty the entire pond, and in 2010 FIFA has lots of fishes kakking up their image. To rub salt over our wounds Sepp Blatter apologizes but still says FIFA has reservations over incorporating technology into the sport. Even a popular sport like cricket has adopted the third umpire into the game, because we are HUMANS! FIFA seriously needs a “Referee Third Eye”.

Andy the designer explains:
I believe that the proper way out would be to use an additional referee who shall be monitored game on the screen. And after browsing through Bluetooth make a decision by the watch
“Referee Third Eye “. Accordingly, in a situation where for example it was offside, the video referee on the watch flashed to red light and the chief arbiter at once to make objective decisions. (See the situations in the picture).

“Referee Third Eye” – best decision.
Designer: Andy Kurovets

Referee Third Eye Watch Concept by Andy Kurovets


Sepp hope this is useful for you!

Source: Yanko Design

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